Look Buffy, I’m a real girl

Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Rewatch: Week 1 Part 3

Have I made it clear that I love Cordelia Chase? I think that that’s something that needs to be reiterated as this whole, “rewatch,” thing goes on.

I love her (I know this image is from  Angel)

But right now, as I explore the early episodes of Season 2, I realize that this is probably how I love her the most. Because I love when characters change and evolve, and except for when she got her psychic powers on Angel, this is the time that she changes the most. She is emerging from her bitch cocoon in to a strong woman butterfly.

She knows Buffy is the slayer, but she’s not yet a full fledged Scooby, but she’s far less antagonistic. And she’s definitely starting to develop her feelings for Xander. (I adore the Xander/Cordelia relationship and post relationship dynamic.)

I don’t just love Cordelia, I also love Charisma Carpenter. In her post Buffy-verse work she was on Veronica Mars and Greek, two of my all time favorites.

And it was all because of Cordie.

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