Stuck in The Middle With You

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Rewatch Week 1 Post 2

I forgot how hard to get through the middle of the seasons can be. Sunday night, I wasn’t really sleepy, football was over and I decided to curl up in bed and watch some more Buffy. (I’ve also started doing outside research. I’m having some fun now gang!) I got through one episode (“Never Kill a Boy on The First Date”) laughed, jotted down some notes. (Cordelia says Angel will need some oxygen when she’s through with him. Funny, because no one know’s he’s dead yet. Also sad, because he outlives her.) Then I moved on to “The Pack,” and within ten minutes I was falling asleep.

I was not engaged, was the point. Then Monday morning, I read an essay by Stacey Abbot from The Cult TV Book: Star Trek to Dexter, New Approached to TV  Outside The Box specifically about these kinds of episodes. (Though Abbot does not reference “The Pack” because no one likes this episode, where Xander gets possessed by a hyena and is cruel to Willow and tries to rape Buffy.) She discusses how one off episodes, made the show special.

I agree with Abbot to an extent when it’s good one offers, like “The Zeppo” or “Superstar,” or “Hush.” But when it’s boring stupid ones like, “The Pack,” well, then it’s just boring. Luckily after the boring horror that is “The Pack,” we get “Angel.”

I was so excited to watch this episode again. Beyond excited. I love this episode so much I can even forgive it for probably creating Edward Cullen. Seriously, it so closely mirrors the plot of Twilight I’m surprised that Joss Whedon didn’t sue the temple garment right off Stephenie Meyer’s cute little tushy.

Well, situationally, the plots are similar. The quasi-stalking, the creepy sleepover, the trying to stay away from each other, the swooping in to a dark alley to save her.

Of course, when the sunlight hits Angel he doesn’t shimmer. He recoils and almost burst in to flames, like a good vampire should. Then we learn about his curse and a hero is born.

We are still several years away from this.

And we see Buffy use the crossbow for the first time.

I love this episode.

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