A Very Good Place To Start

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Rewatch: Week 1

I’m psyched to get started, and I’m doing it by watching the only DVD’s I physically own. (The rest of this project will be brought to you via Netflix instant! Hooray!) That is, I only own Season 1.

As I started season 1, when I couldn’t go out because I don’t get paid until Monday, and I couldn’t sleep, I was struck by how young everyone was. Not just the actors. (Although, yeah, that too.) But the characters, who are mere shadows of the awesome characters they would become through the run of Buffy, and in certain cases, Angel.

The way they look is still how “cool” is defined for me. Thank you 90s childhood!

Buffy Summers

Remember when Buffy was carefree and perky? Of course you don’t, that version of Buffy lasted about half an episode. But throughout most of season 1, certainly the four episodes that I watched over the past day (Welcome To The Hellmouth, The Harvest, Witch and Teacher’s Pet) she’s definitely a lot happier than she is for the 6 seasons that follow. Nothing horrible has happened to completely ruin her happiness. She’s in a new place, she has new friends, she has hope. That’s not coming back again for a long time.

Willow Rosenberg

Buffy’s bestie is completely “young” in season 1. She’s no where near discovering her immense powers as a witch or finding herself as a woman. She’s shy, a little mousy, still hopelessly in love with Xander. She is still a master hacker, and 100% loyal. Which is awesome.

Xander Harris

I never quiet understood how we were supposed to by Xander as a “dweeb,” when he’s so deeply hunky. Nicholas Brendan isn’t my brand of handsome, but no one with those shoulders should be playing a dweeb. But dweeby Xander is. He’s awkward and funny and again with the loyal. What’s always struck me about Xander is the “role reversal” element. If Buffy is the hero, Xander is the damsel in distress. Constantly needs rescuing.


I’ve always loved Giles. I’m that sort of nerd. I’ve always thought that Anthony Stewart Head did an amazing job as the only adult among kids. Also, it’s hard to care about the “exposition” character. You know, the person who’s there to fill in all of the facts about the world you’re watching. But as I’ve said before I dig world building. That’s why I love Richard Alpert, Hermione Granger, and of course Giles.

Cordelia Chase

Cordie, as we first met her, bitchy, shallow, largely useless. Probably, if you’re going to pick a character who grows up the most in the Buffy-verse it’s Cordelia. Here she’s a fairly average, very pretty sixteen year old girl. Her life has always been easy, so she manufactures drama. It’s pretty standard stuff. She is also a major league damsel in distress. She gets kidnapped a whole lot.


Angel isn’t even a full time cast member yet. He just sort of skulks in and out and gives Buffy cryptic warnings. She is annoyed by him. She is clearly attracted to him. We don’t even know that he’s a vampire yet. David Boreanaz looks about twelve and is like half the size that he is by the time Bones happened.

I was also thinking about how back when The WB was a thing, they had what was called, “Beginnings.” Does anyone else remember this? It was when on Sunday nights they would air the first season of shows that were in their third or fourth. (This is how I got in to 7th Heaven) I feel like right now, I’m going through Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Beginnings. This is going to be fun!

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