The Unkillable Mr. Marsters

Remember when I talked about how Benjamin Walker plays twisted presidents? Well, now I’m going to talk about another kind of weird actor pattern.

James Marsters has trouble dying.

Obviously, Marsters classic role is that of the vampire Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. Spike showed up in season 2 along with his long time lover Drusilla. Together they caused all kinds of fun havoc in Sunnydale and eventually helped the Scooby Gang thwart Angelus, because well, in his words:

“I like this world. You’ve got dog racing, and Manchester United. And you’ve got people. Billions of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs.”

Spike was supposed to die that season, but he was so popular even Joss Whedon couldn’t kill him.

This is a universal truth

He did it eventually though. In the series finale, Spike sacrifices himself. A vampire with a soul is required for an apocalypse averting ritual and since Buffy sent Angel away (to be “a general on the front lines if this doesn’t work.”) Spike had to do the heavy lifting.

So that was that right?

HAHA. No. Not at all. Because you’re forgetting the amazing power of Fandom, people. Fans love Spike. So, then Joss decided that Cordelia Chase no longer deserved life, based on his very strict criteria that she was awesome and not dead.


And Angel still needed a sidekick. Cue the resurrection. Spike came back as a vampire ghost, then as a full fledged vamp (still had a soul).

Then came Smallville. Marsters played Brainiac, who is a computer, in Smallville version a sort of cyborg, who survived the explosion of Krypton (you can’t kill him) and winds up teaching computer science to Clark at college (sure, yeah, why not.) The two get along pretty well, and Brainiac decides to reveal his identity to Clark and I don’t remember exactly what happens but they wind up fighting and Clark thinks he kills him.

BUT YOU CAN’T KILL JAMES MARSTERS! At least not on the first try. He came back, and then although Marsters didn’t come back, Brainiac wasn’t dead. He possessed Chloe for an entire season. (It was stupid, but just proved my thesis.)

Then Torchwood. Marsters played Captain John Hart, who was basically Spike, but a time traveler instead of a vampire. Captain John was Captain Jack’s ex partner (in every sense of the world, because Captain Jack Harkness has sex with everything.) He was pushed in to the rift, but we learned almost immediately that it didn’t kill him. Instead he spent half of that season holding the Torchwood team hostage with information about Jack’s past.

Then came Hawaii 5-0. I love Hawaii 5-0, because it’s the best of mindless procedural television. Good looking people quipping at each other and solving crimes. It’s great stuff. Anyway, James Marsters was in the pilot. He played an IRA terrorist who murdered Steve McGarrett’s father. At the end of the pilot, McGarret shot him and he fell in to the ocean. Everyone assumed he was dead.

Everyone, that is, except for people who knew that he was being played by James Marsters. It is not so easy to kill James Marsters. Just shoot him? No, it doesn’t work that way. And sure enough, in the season finale, he was back, terrorizing Hawaii in that special way that only he can. This past season his character was shivved and killed in prison.

I’m not convinced.

I don’t think that he’s dead.

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