The Quack Attack

Thanks again to Katherine for providing excellent blog fodder!

Yesterday she posted on my facebook wall, this article, a “Where are they now?” about The Mighty Ducks.

D2: The Mighty Ducks is my favorite movie of all time.

Secret Shame

Let me be perfectly clear here. I’m not being ironic, I’m not saying I love to watch this movie in a “so bad that it’s good” kind of way. It is my favorite movie of all time in complete seriousness. If you showed up at my house at any hour of the day or night, and said, “Hey Reenie, let’s watch, D2! (Or The Mighty Ducks, or D3 for that matter)” I would be 100% down for that. I watch it when I’m sad to cheer up. I watch it when I’m happy to celebrate things. I call people “cake eaters” to insult them. (Usually just in my head. When you say things like that out loud, people tend not to take you seriously or think you’re a grade a nut bag.)

I went through a (several years long) phase where I read and wrote Mighty Ducks fanfiction. (I call this phase “college.”) Seriously, I did this. I had one epically long series of stories that centered around a romance between Julie “The Cat” Gaffney and an original character of my making who was the younger brother of the captain of the varsity team in D-3. I’m ashamed that I did it, but it’s also some of the best writing I did in my life. I also tended to ship Julie/Portman. The scene after they both get thrown out of the Iceland game in D2 is clearly sexually charged. (OK, I know the characters were only 12…but the actors were like 20.)

Sorry, but these are clearly men, not boys.

Did you know that it’s even easier to play “Six Degrees of Mighty Ducks”  than Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” Granted, most of the answers funnel through The Dark Knight Trilogy. And not just because of Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson either. See, Aaron Lohr, who played Dean Portman, was in Newsies with Christian Bale…The Sandlot also helps, Mike Vitar who played Luis Mendoza, also played Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. With Karen Allen, James Earl Jones and Dennis Leary, you get pretty well connected. (Also, Karen Allen was in Animal House with Kevin Bacon.)

I convinced my friends that it was appropriate to quack at the screen during the Rent movie, because again, Aaron Lohr was in it. It really wasn’t appropriate at all, he sang “Will I?” which is a tender round style ballad where all of the characters with AIDS (most of the characters) worry about what their future looks like.

I still think of The Mighty Ducks every time I hear “We Will Rock You,” or “We Are the Champions.”

I’m not saying this is normal. Far from it, this is one of the weirdest things about me.

Nope, this is still weirder

But I’m trying a lot harder these days to let my (fairly harmless) freak flag fly. So yeah, I’m going to talk about how much I love The Mighty Ducks.

I’m still going to say that Good Will Hunting is my favorite movie on first dates though.

Socially Acceptable Favorite Movie

I want to be accepting of who I am, but I also don’t want to die single.

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