Dreaming The Dream

A few weeks ago a friend (I don’t remember who, sorry anonymous friend!) asked me, “Reenie, is Anne Hathaway your favorite actress yet?”

I thought this was a strange question, and so I asked for clarification. Their explanation left me baffled, but made me realize, that yes, indeed, Anne Hathaway should be my favorite actress, and may have been campaigning for the spot.

It’s not out of the question. Because the world does in fact revolve around me.

Hathaway got her start playing Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi…or Mia, in The Princess Diaries. While The Princess Diaries was an adorable movie that most people saw, it was also a totally awesome young adult book series that a lot of girls my age read that has next to nothing in common with that movie (some of the characters have the same names, and it has the same basic premise…but beyond that, it’s way different.) It’s one of my favorite books. Then, after doing the sequel and shifting around a little, she burst on to the “adult” scene by playing Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada, also based on one of my favorite books. Then she played Jane Austen. And this summer of course:

Did you know that she was Catwoman? Did you know that she was awesome? Have I made that clear?

And coming up this winter:

Come with me, where chains with never bind you…

The film version of Les Miserables is opening at Christmas (I love that opening date by the way “Christmas” it’s not opening on December 25, I’m sure…) and Hathaway is going to be playing Fantine. If for some reason you haven’t read my “Lies Musical Theatre Told Me” series, I’ve already written about Les Mis on two separate occasions, here and here, so you can be sure that I really like it a lot. I love it in fact, and I’m really excited about this movie.

I was less excited about Hathaway and more excited about Hugh Jackman. But now I’m excited about both! 

Also, guys, Wolverine and Catwoman, are playing Valjean and Fantine.

I feel like this is the part of the equation no one is talking about…

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