Call Her, Beep Her

So during last week’s Bat-SPLOSION (Also, I’m still totally in Batman mode, y’all…watched Begins yesterday and The Dark Knight today, and I’m still lovin hard on The Animated Series) I started talking about Disney’s Kim Possible. I could have written pages upon pages just about that one little episode, let alone the full fledged thesis I could do on the show as a whole.

I’ll try to keep it brief.

What’s the sitch?

Kim Possible was a totally amazing animated series on The Disney Channel in the mid 00’s. It told the story of a normal teenage girl, who occasionally saved the world, with the help her bumbling best friend (later boyfriend) Ron Stoppable, his trusty naked mole rat Rufus, and an agoraphobic computer genius, Wade.

Kim Possible was a super hero in a crop top and we loved her for it. And of course she wasn’t exactly average, even before she took on world saving. Kim, voiced by Christy Carlson Ramano (Where did you go Ren Stevens? Girls need your example more than ever now!) was the daughter of a brain surgeon and rocket scientist. She was head cheerleader (at least for the first two seasons, then she lost the post to long time High School nemesis and frequent kidnapping victim, Bonnie), a straight A student (though she struggled with Home Ec), and generally rocked things at Middleton High School where she attended.

Slightly more average, KP had annoying younger twin brothers (Jim and Tim, referred to as “The Tweebs)

Pictured, Tweebs, also pictured my friends Matt and Tim, I’ve always thought they could push for a lawsuit

A gabby female best friend, named Monique (voiced by Miss “It’s the future she can see” Raven Symone), and until her erstwhile relationship with Ron, a hopeless crush on the coolest senior in school, Josh (voiced by Ryder Strong, because being Kim Possible is my fantasy for sooo many reasons…getting to date Shawn Hunter is a big part of it though)

A huge part of the draw to Kim Possible came from her foes. Kim had a rogues gallery to rival The Bats. Her arch nemesis was the evil Doctor Draken. Draken was a pretty terrible evil scientist, and wasn’t actually much of a match for Kim, but his wise cracking and bad ass side kick Shego completely was. Shego had some kind of weird glowing green fighting power, which she got when she and her four brothers (Hego, Mego and twins Wego) got hit by a multi colored asteroid. They became Team Go (a hysterical send up of The Fantastic 4, The Avengers and The Justice League) and Shego eventually got bored and went evil. Shego was awesome.

Shego saying something sarcastic to Draken, as she was wont to do. (AWESOME)

Some of Kim’s other foes included Lord Monkey Fist (guess what he did), Duff Killigan (A mad Scotsman who committed golf themed crimes), and Senor Senior Sr. and Senor Senior Jr (bored billionaires who turned to super villainy because Ron once suggested that they were in a good situation for that.)

Now let’s talk about Ron Stoppable and Rufus. Ron is Kim’s best friend, and in many ways her exact opposite. Clumsy where Kim is smooth, silly where she’s serious, etc. But he’s also fiercely loyal, to his friends (Kim, Wade, Monique, and other assorted) to his pet the beloved Rufus, to his hang out (Bueno Nacho), and to his catch phrase “BOO YA!” Also, he’s voiced by Will Friedle, who I think I made it clear I love last week.

Rufus was a naked mole rat. That’s about it. He was sassy though, and quite often saved the day.

Kim, Rufus and Ron. They’re awesome

I don’t exactly know what it was about this show, but in high school my friends and I were really in to it. Yeah, I”m not talking about little kids, we were well past 16 and still totally obsessed. Actually for my friend Ali’s Sweet 16 present I went to Build A Bear and built her a KP Bear. (I give really good presents, it’s like one of the top 5 reasons people should be friends with me.)

I reread this post and realized that I used the word “awesome” a lot. But that’s because it’s the perfect word for this show. It was awesome. Like all of the best “kids stuff” it had hilarious jokes for adult mixed in.

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