Other Than Batman

Day 5 of Batman Week!

OK, look, I’m getting bored. I’m trying REALLY hard not to, so if it seems like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel, I apologize. You have to understand that  there is no end to my love of Batman, and I could talk about the aspects of Batman that fascinate me forever. I’m just not sure if that would interest other people. But I’m past caring. So this is what I’m doing.

Today’s post is about which Batman’s other iconic character would you like to see defend Gotham?

I would choose to live in the Batman Beyond version of Gotham City, because I think it would be a lot more fun to be defended by Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World than by Jack Kelly from Newsies. (If anyone tries to convince me that Christian Bale’s “more iconic” character is Patrick Bateman, I’m calling BS. American Psycho does not have a ten year long terrifying cult fan base that led it from being one of the most panned movies ever to a Tony Award winning Broadway musical. Newsies sell papes!) Think about it, if you could have a costumed vigilante shouting “FEEENY” at the top of his lungs or a seventeen year old newsboy whining about how he wants to run away to New Mexico for no discernible reason, which would you pick?

Right, you’d pick the Feeny call every damn time.

However, Tom “Ice Man” Kasansky from Top Gun, would also make an excellent defender of Gotham City. And Slider could be Robin! It would be awesome.

Beetlejuice would be a decidedly terrible vigilante superhero, as would Mayor Adam West of Quaohog, RI. Too silly.

As for either Doctor Doug Ross, or Danny Ocean, both would make decent defenders. Although, I’m not exactly sure what Dr. Ross’s abilities as a magical pediatrician would do to stop crime…so maybe Danny’s the pick.

Either way, my money’s on Matthews. With Feeny in Alfred’s role, Topanga as Batgirl, and Jack and Shawn Hunter battling it out for Robin. Corey can be Commissioner Gordon.

This analogy just keeps getting better…

5 thoughts on “Other Than Batman

  1. I enjoy and appreciate this immensely, but, as someone who understands how your brain works, this still made my head hurt.

    That said, I wouldn’t trust Eric with Gotham for a second — remember when he was best man and set everything on fire? I’d pick him for his entourage, but it’s got to be Danny Ocean.


    • Yeah, but in Gotham most stuff is fireproof by now, I mean I would think.

      Danny Ocean would be a really good choice, no lie. He also brings an impressive entourage.Although I don’t see Rusty being a great Robin. Maybe Linus though…


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