Fast Talk: Sorkin, Sherman-Palladino and The Best Summer Ever

Remember when you and your friends and coworkers walked around talking really fast, consuming a ton of carbs without gaining a pound, and being better looking than everyone ever?


Right. Because no one’s life actually works that way. But if you were a TV addict from 1999-2007, you probably remembered people doing it on your TV a whole lot. Do you know why?

Because that was when The West Wing and Gilmore Girls were on the air. And the world was a much, much better place. (There was also Will And Grace, but that’s not relevant to this conversation.) The world was a mix of obscure cultural references, intense political optimism, and caffeine infused glee. (No, not Glee! That hadn’t happened yet…and life was so much simpler.)

Thankfully, that joyful and wonderful time is now creating a sequel, because both of the shows brilliant writers/creators. Aaron Sorkin and Amy Sherman-Palladino have new shows this summer!

Sherman-Palladino’s effort is the ABC Family dramedy Bunheads. I haven’t fallen in love with the show in it’s two episodes, but I am glad that more people will now recognize how wonderful Sutton Foster is. (Truth Musical Theatre Told Me: Sutton Foster is like bacon, she makes everything better. See: Shrek: The Musical) and there’s nothing else on in the summer anyway.

But the thing that has been preserved is that razor sharp banter, this time between Sutton and Kelly Bishop, instead of Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop. Also, there was actually a joke made about how “no one eats carbs anymore.” This made me laugh.

And of course, there’s The Newsroom, which hasn’t premiered yet, but I’m so excited for I can barely speak coherently. All I want is to be able to sit and listen to the gentle pitter patter of Sorkin dialog. And some days, this is what I do. I don’t know how The Newsroom is going to stack up, but I can’t wait for this team of Dan & Casey (Sports Night), Josh & Sam (The West Wing), and Matt & Danny (Studio 60).

I’ll have more to say about it on Sunday.

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