The Fangirl’s Inheritance

I’ve talked a little about how some of my larger obsessions came from my mother. She walked me down the road to feminism, she introduced me to Patti Lupone (in utero no less!) and most importantly, she got me hooked on prime time soaps.

I’m serious here. Irene McLaughlin Nayden loves her some after dark drama. And it all started with Dallas.

My mother always, always, always, talked about Dallas and how much she loved it. She never missed an episode (she was busy having and taking care of babies throughout the 80’s, so I guess this was her form of excitement.) And she’s been chasing the prime time soap dragon ever since.

ER, Irene saw every episode. (Just this weekend we cried at a wedding with our table, talking about how sad we were when Mark Greene died.) Desperate Housewives? She stayed on the Lane through the end.  We never let her watch One Tree Hill (the horror of that may have torn our family apart!) but she’s hanging in there for, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Gossip Girl. And I’m pretty sure even Blake Lively doesn’t watch Gossip Girl anymore.

So, when TNT announced that they were going to create a sequel to her beloved Dallas, she was over the moon. I was pretty excited too. I’ve never actually seen an episode of Dallas, but I always knew I would have loved it, just based on my mother’s descriptions.

We watched the two and a half hour pilot last Wednesday and I felt crazy. I could not follow this show. People were quadruple crossing one another. And I was pretty sure that Larry Hagman was dead…but Mom was in heaven. When I said I was having trouble following she was unsympathetic.

“This is Dallas, Reenie,” she said simply. “You have to pay attention. This was how it worked in the 80’s.”

To be honest, I was mostly watching to get to see Jesse Metcalfe shirtless.

I did. I did see Jesse Metcalf with his shirt off. And it was wonderful!

Also, I kind of want John Ross to get South Fork…because that is going to be interesting, and this guy has so many issues he makes Chuck Bass look well adjusted. And really, if they’d decided to make Gossip Girl all about Chuck, I probably would still be watching it, so would a lot of people.

Besides my mom…

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